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Forêt Sanctuaire 




is a chosen and protected space within a forest, acting for the preservation of the natural forest.

Allowing the development of young or century-old trees in an efficient ecosystem for the future of the planet.

The forest becomes a sanctuary, the trees become places of eternal rest, nature provides the setting, men find their place.

The creation of a sanctuary forest offers an opportunity for everyone to do their part in the transition to be carried out, for the "good life" of the Planet and for the "good death" of all.

These trees become permanent concessions and are protected from conventional logging.

The ASHES of our DEAD

are placed at the foot of selected trees and transformed into sustainable concessions, an identification of the deceased is posed, thus defining the place of memory for future generations in a setting of nature beneficial and perennial to all the living.

To make the choice to rest at the foot of a tree for eternity is to make the choice to protect trees which will become venerable when they leave the field of logging, it is to allow the forest to regain a part of naturalness conducive to the maintenance of biodiversity.

It means offering places of intergenerational memory a natural setting conducive to contemplation. It is to replace the human in the source of humanity.

To choose to rest at the foot of a tree for eternity is to act for the benefit of future generations.

Each of us and all together, we can give meaning to life, act now, act again after our death, for the benefit of the future of the planet.

The whole is placed under the authority of the MAYOR, who alone is authorized to manage burial sites in France.

The Trees are poems that Earth writes for Heaven.

Khalil Gibran

The Tree symbol of growth, of verticality, of solidity, connects the Earth and the Sky.
When man will no longer have room for Nature, perhaps nature will no longer have room for man.

Stefan Edberg

The FOREST source of well-being for the living

The SANCTUARY FOREST aims to preserve trees so that they can reach a venerable age and restore the ecosystem to its greatest naturalness. It thus acts beneficially on our environment, our climate, biodiversity and people.

Breathing fresh air during our walks in nature and the forest brings a well-being that we have all experienced. This feeling of well-being corresponds to real physiological and therapeutic virtues and many consider that trees treat the ailments of the living through the practice of sylvotherapy.


TREES, hyphens between the here below and the beyond

The SANCTUARY FOREST is an ecological alternative to burial in a cemetery. The ashes return to the cycle of nature, which places death in its natural and spiritual ecosystem context.

Because of its verticality, the tree is the sacred place where the sky takes root in the earth. Its roots delve into the hidden depths of the soil in which they grow; its trunk and main branches split the air space; it is in the heights that its fine branches and its flowers sway. The tree thus connects the three levels of the cosmos.

THE TREE is the quintessential symbol of life in perpetual evolution. The course of its annual cycle naturally associates it with the succession of life, death and rebirth.

Sacred trees are present in popular rites and traditions around the world, in metaphysics and mystics of all times, from archaic times to the present day. Sometimes the universe is represented by a giant tree; in other traditions, humanity is born from a tree. The tree is always associated with what is alive and creative.

Spirituality is integrated here in the continuity of the earthly source of life which after its incarnation rises towards the light beyond the treetops.

And when the living visit the dead, they can imagine the presence of the deceased in the sap, and speak to him through the murmurs of the foliage, imagine touching him by embracing the trunk.

Sanctuary forests

We are not inventing anything, this mode of burial is an alternative proposed for ten years in other European countries:

forêt cinéraire

The sanctuary forests were created by around a hundred municipalities as a solution to the government's obligation to protect living organisms.


sépulture naturelle

Sanctuary forests contribute to the country's sustainable development (17 Sites in 2018)


cimetiere forêt

The sanctuary forests are developed as part of the public utility project in associative partnerships, to support environmental and citizen projects.

cimetiere forêt

Ready to participate in the creation of

Sanctuary forests?

We need as many volunteers as possible to support us and help us build the concept. Inform and develop sanctuary forests in municipalities interested in this concept in France.

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