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Economic issues

The SANCTUARY FOREST is a public forest, constituted on the principle of sanctuary trees managed in personal or family concession for the deposit of graves resulting from cremation.

cimetiere forêt



increases the symbolic value of the municipality which demonstrates its commitment to provide concrete responses to climate and environmental issues, in order to improve the urban living environment and offer citizens an ecological alternative, economically more accessible and more egalitarian regarding the mode of burial.


Quantifiable economic gains, for municipalities and citizens

The management and maintenance of a Sanctuary Forest is based on the principle of respecting the naturalness of the site and on the concept of Nature-Based Solutions, which results in reduced investment and low operating costs.


The creation of a Sanctuary Forest requires both a light investment and a reduced landscape intervention. Indeed, the works are limited to the creation of an access with a car park, the realization of a course and a markup.

This represents a significant advantage compared to the creation of a new traditional cemetery.


The management method is integrated into the funeral and forestry services already existing on the territory, without additional personnel, and in compliance with and application of the national and European environmental protection measures in force.

The concession defined by the allocation of a concession at the foot of a tree, involves lower pricing than the costs of concessions in traditional cemetery, which benefits families and leads to a significant reduction in the burial budget after cremation in the absence of vault, monument, or tombstone.

In addition to these advantages, there is the saving of excavation costs which do not apply in the Sanctuary Forest. They are particularly expensive in a traditional cemetery, for the families and, where applicable, the municipalities, when the concessions are abandoned, linked to the remoteness of the families, for example.

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