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The sanctuary forest

An innovative concept that links the world of men to that of trees to combine the death of some and the survival of all 

Man has become aware of the importance of preserving his environment for his survival, and must ACT for future generations.

Report France 3 ALSACE "NEURIED"

The sanctuary forest is a space chosen and protected within a public forest, intended to accommodate the ashes of our deceased at the feet of trees selected and transformed into concessions of sustainable burials.

The sanctuary forest does not replace existing cemeteries.

It constitutes an alternative by responding to the structural problems of our municipalities and to the changing mentalities of citizens.

It offers the possibility of integrating after our death, a natural setting, whose peaceful beauty constitutes a pleasant place of burial and meditation for families.

Au-delà des Racines

The sanctuary forest acts positively on the environment, the climate, biodiversity, the quality of our air, our water.

It responds to current societal issues.

Concerned about the impact we leave to future generations beyond our lifetime, we contribute to the natural cycle so that death finds an honorable and dignified place of memory while respecting ecosystems.


Forêt Sanctuaire

The Au-Dela des Racines Association is mobilizing to obtain century-old trees in our forests and efficient ecosystems.

It acts in favor of the environment, the climate and biodiversity and society, while allowing a work of memory of future generations in a beneficial setting for men and the future of the planet.

Enable “Dying well” by creating a place of remembrance for our deceased in a pleasant natural environment conducive to contemplation.

arbres de souvenir

Join us

Support our action​. We need as many people as possible to get the legislation moving.


The creation of our first sanctuary forests is in progress, and should see the light of day before the end of the year.

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